The Kontakt organised a special event for one of Bulgaria's biggest news outlets, Dnevnik.

The media wanted to show its current and potential business partners that it does matter in what environment they position their messages. Also, Dnevnik wanted to introduce them the redesigned website and its new ad formats in a non-standard way.


In times when it is so easy for one to hide behind media and faceless opinions on the internet, the event was an opportunity for us to help Dnevnik reinforce itself as a modern and transparent news outlet.

This is why we used transparency as a core line at all levels during this event — from invitations and location, to interior and presentation. All materials were transparent to confirm the fact that Dnevnik's biggest asset is its news transparency.


We chose a fully transparent location for the event — the newly launched Walltopia building.

Interactive Panels

To position Dnevnik as a different news media that can be trusted in a fake news and misinformation environment, we came up with the idea to place huge vertical transparent panels on which we designed and projected messages of the media.

They were produced from special material that lets projection be seen on transparent surface.

Ad Unit Screen Projection

To engage the visitors at the event and present them with the new parallax ad format which Dnevnik offers, we positioned 3 live cameras at different locations of the hall. On a large screen, visible at every corner of the room, people were able to see themselves using this parallax ad format — broadcasted entirely in real time.