For an invitation-only event for H&M’s collaboration collection with the French luxury house KENZO, The Kontakt was assigned to deliver 270° motion graphic visuals, as well as an interactive installation to engage with celebrities and figureheads.


A photo booth capturing a frozen moment in time shown from 360° turned guests into part of the action.

Each time someone entered the interaction area, the KENZO x H&M pattern projection changed — so everyone could have a different photo from the rest of the visitors.

Branded KENZO x H&M videos were uploaded in real time on a custom website, where the visitors could view and download them.


Based on the collection’s pattern creative, the 270° visuals had to be projected on the walls of a 548m2 hall.

The Kontakt transformed the elements of these patterns into an immersive visual show, in partnership with a motion graphics studio.